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AskRobin MX is an online lending company that offers fast loans up to $ 100000 MXN
AskRobin MX has a sophisticated scoring technology that enables to approve applications in less than 15 minutes and offer first loan for free.

Las mejores ofertas de créditos y préstamos de esta semana.
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Suma: $30 000
Días: 14
Comisión: 1 %

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Suma: $150 000
Días: 90
Comisión: 3 %

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Suma: $150 000
Días: 90
Comisión: 0 %

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Suma: $6 000
Días: 30
Comisión: 1 %

Type of the advertisement campaign: CPL

Description of the accepted action: unique loan application submitted on AskRobin MX

Description of the reasons, for which the action may be declined: client is younger than 18 years old

Geotargeting: Mexico

Life length of the cookie file: 30 days by default

Time for processing and confirming of the results: 72 hours

Target description:
— Employed or self-employed
— Owning a valid bank account
— Steady income
— Client’s age: 18-65 years

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